Brazilian Swimsuit

Are you about to go on a beach holiday and desperately want to lose a few pounds before you go? If so, you are probably researching diets and supplements that promise you will lose weight overnight. The problem is, these solutions hardly ever work. If you do lose any weight it is never fast enough or in the right places. It always seems like the areas we want to lose weight are the last to actually lose any.

The truth is, that whilst diets and supplements can help, they are most effective when combined with long-term, regular exercise and a healthy diet. Of course, that takes time which you probably don’t have. So what do we recommend? Well, first of all DON’T PANIC. 


Simply follow the same rules for swimwear as you do for your everyday clothes, namely:

  • If you’ve got it, flaunt it.
  • If you despise it, hide it.
  • And here at Kaliese we would add: Make them look where YOU want them to look!

So, whilst we would never discourage anyone from trying to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, here is our guide for what to do if you want to look great on the beach but don’t have the time or energy to lose that weight in the gym.

1. Don’t buy cheap swimwear

Cheap swimwear is cheap for a reason! It might look great when you first try it on in the store but experience shows it won’t last. For example, cheap swimwear rarely holds its shape. Often, it will very quickly stretch and lose its shape, looking saggy and simply making matters worse. Not a look that anyone wants!

Another problem with cheap swimwear is that the colours often fade quickly. You really don’t want people looking at your brand new costume thinking that you have had it for years. 

If you really want swimwear that is going to flatter you and make you look your best this summer then avoid those discount stores. As a rough guide we recommend spending somewhere between £60 and £120 will get you some swimwear that is actually worth having.

2. What to do if…

To help with your midsection try either a one-piece swimsuit or, if you prefer a two-piece, a bikini bottom with a wide waist. Whatever your preference, something with a lot of stretch/compression will give you the support you need, smoothing over any lumps and bumps and maintaining a nice overall shape. This is one area where the elasticity of high-quality swimwear is indispensable. High-quality swimwear keeps its shape and will give you the support you are looking for plus, unlike cheaper alternatives, it remains smooth on your skin and won’t irritate.

In general, we would also recommend avoiding strongly patterned swimsuits because as the costume stretches, so does the pattern. This distorts the pattern where it is stretched the most, drawing people’s attention to these areas. Unfortunately, these are almost certainly the same bits you are trying to hide. Whilst there are some patterns where this isn’t a problem, you will probably spend a lot of time trying on outfits before you find the right one. Buying something in a single colour is easier and looks great, plus, don’t forget, black is often said to have a slimming effect.

Of course, buying something in a single colour doesn’t mean it has to be plain and boring, there are plenty of interesting designs out there. For example, a small amount of ruching or ruffles not only gives an interesting design element, they can also hide any remaining bumps and lumps. Just be aware that whilst a small amount of ruching can make you look smaller by making it harder to tell where you stop and the costume starts, a large amount will make you look bigger!

Twisted Top Bikini
High quality swimwear helps give a nice overall shape

Whether you want to be bigger or smaller, make sure you are wearing a top that fits properly. A badly fitting top always draws attention. If the top is too small it will squeeze into your sides and back creating overhanging areas of skin. If it is too big it will look saggy and horrible … or worse!

A top with straps that tie at the back is a great solution as it will always fit perfectly. Unfortunately, for women with larger boobs, ties are unlikely to give enough support. If that sounds like you, try something that fastens at the back with adjustable straps and underwire support, just like your bra. In both cases avoid tops with strong colours, cutouts and accessories like beads or bangles as these draw attention. A plain classic top is best for avoiding unwanted attention.

Smaller breasted women may also want to think about getting a halter neck top as it will draw attention towards your neckline. Larger breasted women can do this too but beware as with halter neck tops your neck supports the weight of your breasts which can lead to neck ache. If this isn’t a problem for you then great, otherwise stick to shoulder straps. 

Another option is to go for a bandeau. Whilst bandeau’s do draw attention towards your chest and not away from it, they can still work for women with smaller boobs as their straight across style highlights your shoulders and makes your neck look longer creating a more balanced, flattering look. For women with large breasts, bandeaus tend not to give enough support and whilst combining them with a halter neck can help, they are generally best avoided if you have larger boobs. Although, once again, if this isn’t a problem for you then go for it!

Another option is to draw attention downwards. You could wear a one-piece with cutouts or an exposed waist or some other decoration that highlights your midsection. If you do go for a one-piece just make sure it still fits properly around your bust! The final option is to draw attention even lower, towards your bum. A cheeky or (if you a brave enough) a tanga bikini bottom will draw attention away from your boobs and towards your hips and bum. A bottom with decorations will attract the eye, for example, a bottom with tie sides that hang down your leg will draw attention to your hips and upper legs.

Twisted Top Bikini
For smaller breasted women try a padded or a bandeau top

Firstly, make sure you aren’t accidentally drawing people’s attention to your bum and hips. A common mistake is buying a bikini bottom that is too small hoping it will somehow suck everything up. Instead the bikini squeezes in, pushing the flesh out and drawing attention to your hips and bum. The exact opposite of what was intended. Make sure you buy a bikini bottom that sits on top of your skin, hugging the contours of your body without digging in.

Avoid bikini bottoms with horizontal waists as they will draw attention to your hips. Instead, try a bikini bottom with a high waistline as it will make your legs look longer and emphasise the curve of your waist. A high waistline also creates an hourglass shape and a more balanced look, taking the emphasis away from your hips and bum. A bikini bottom with side ties can be a great solution, as you can adjust the ties to the perfect length for your body plus they can be tied high around your waist. However, if you do go for tie sides make sure the ends remain high up emphasising your waist as if they get too low they will start drawing attention back towards your hips and legs. You could, for example, tie the ends in a bow.

The final thing you can do is to draw people’s attention upwards and away from your hips. If you have wide hips, a bandeau top works very well as it highlights the shoulders and makes your neck look longer, creating a more balanced look. A bikini top with strong colours, bold patterns, beads, bangles, cutouts or something similar will also draw people’s attention upwards. If you have a full bust you can wear something to show off your cleavage or, if you have a smaller bust, a bikini top with padding will give your chest a boost, making it look fuller and more rounded.

Twisted Top Bikini
For wide hips try bikini bottoms with a high waist

If you are happy drawing attention away towards your midsection then wearing a bikini is an easy solution. However, if you would rather draw attention towards your chest then choose a bikini top with cutouts or some other form of decoration. If you have a smaller bust you can get something with a padded top. Something that shows off your cleavage will also draw peoples attention towards your bust and away from your arms and legs.

Alternatively, if you would rather draw attention towards your hips and bum go for a cheeky or a tanga bottom. Something with beads or bangles will also draw people’s attention to this area. Tie sides can help as you can choose to tie them either low down around your waist or higher up, closer to your waist. If you tie them high up you will draw attention towards your waist and away from both your arms and legs. Alternatively, if you like your hips/upper legs but not your arms then you can tie them lower down and let the ends dangle down the sides of your hips and legs, drawing attention to this area.

If you prefer a one-piece then make sure it has cutouts, beads, bangles or some other decoration that will draw attention away from your arms and legs and towards your midsection. A plain one-piece swimsuit does nothing to draw people’s attention and since your arms and legs are the only exposed piece of skin, people will naturally focus on those areas. Of course, if it is only your legs you do not like then something with decorations around your waist or bust will work well. Similarly, if you want to draw attention from your arms, decorations around the waist or hips are a must.

Black and White One-piece Swimsuit
Cutouts draw attention away from problem areas

3. How much should I spend?

In order to buy a piece of swimwear that is really going to flatter you and make you look your best, we recommend spending between about £60 and £120. 

Obviously, you can buy cheaper swimwear. Many discount stores sell outfits for £15 or less. Unfortunately, the difference in quality between these low-cost outfits and those in our recommended range is significant and noticeable. Cheap swimwear will quickly stretch and sag, losing its colours and looking old before its time. Nobody ever looked good in a costume like that! Plus cheaper costumes tend to be less smooth and not feel as comfortable against your skin.

Of course, you could also spend over £120 on a custom handmade piece or some super-rare design. If it is worth it to you then great – go for it! However, whilst the difference in quality between £15 and £60 is highly significant, above £120 any difference in quality becomes barely noticeable. You would need some piece of scientific equipment to tell the difference and are unlikely to be able to tell just be looking.

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