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A Simple Guide To Bikini Bottom Styles

For something that uses so little fabric, there are a bewildering number of bikini bottom styles to choose from. Unfortunately, the terms used to describe these styles are not always used consistently. Different retailers frequently use the same term to describe different styles. As if that wasn’t confusing enough, some outfits combine features from multiple styles and do not fit neatly into a single category. Fortunately, here at Kaliese we have done the hard work for you and have identified the features that most retailers agree define each style of bikini bottom. We also give our recommendations for which style is most likely to suit you and, we believe, will help you look your best.

Just remember, the same golden rule applies to bikinis as it does to any type of clothing: pick the right size! No matter what style you pick, if you wear something that is too big it won’t be able to flatter. It will make you look bigger! Equally, if you buy something that is too small it will be overstretched and will draw attention to those areas you would rather hide. As always, if you receive an item that doesn’t fit properly, don’t hesitate to return it and exchange it for a different size.

In this article we try to keep things as simple as possible, starting with the style that offers the most coverage and moving down to the style that offers the least. Of course, if you  have a different opinion or experience than those expressed in this article, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.


This is the most traditional style of bikini bottom, offering a large amount of coverage. Covering most of your bum cheeks, this style of bikini sits on the middle of your hips leaving your stomach fully exposed. If you are not sure which style to wear, this is normally a good place to start as this style suits almost everyone.
  • Looks good on almost everyone
  • Women wanting a higher amount of coverage
  • Those with a curvaceous bottom
Classic Bikini Bottom


As the name implies, a cheeky bikini is designed to show off your bum cheeks by exposing most of them. Offering less coverage than a classic/regular bikini. A cheeky bikini leaves the front and waist mostly covered with less material at the back showing off more of your buttocks. The smaller amount of material at the back emphasis your bum, making it look curvy and sexy. Perfect if you have been working hard in the gym and want to show off the results. A cheeky bikini has a V-shaped cut and will sit quite high on your hips. Cheeky bikinis draw the eye to your legs making them look longer and making you look taller.
  • Women who want to look taller
  • Showing off your bum


A tanga bikini bottom is sometimes described as a type of thong with the two terms often being used interchangeably. However, whilst the difference may not be large, a tanga bikini bottom has more coverage than a thong. Both a tanga and thong have less coverage than a cheeky bikini bottom. 

A tanga bottom is made of two triangular pieces of material that cover both your front and behind. The back of a tanga sits between the buttocks becoming visible about half-way up your bum. This often results in a wing-shape appearance. The sides of a tanga can also vary in thickness from a few centimetres to a small piece of string. 

A tanga bottom suits those with big hips and bums as they create an hourglass figure, showing off a curvy behind. A tanga is also a great way to move from wearing a classic bikini bottom to a thong. They have a sexy look without exposing as much skin as a thong.


  • Those with big hips and bums
  • A sexy look without exposing lots of flesh


As the name implies, a thong bikini has the same amount of coverage as thong underwear and will show off your entire bum. With less coverage than a tanga, a thong is similar in style. The front and back connected by a piece of material a few centimetres thick. Often with a low cut at the front, a thong sits between the buttocks, only becoming visible at the very top of your bum. When viewed from the back, a thong can have either a Y-shape (sometimes referred to as a whale tail) or, when the material around the hips is flat, a wing shape appearance. 

Thong bikinis are ideal if you do not want to see any tan lines when wearing your underwear. Like the tanga, thongs are perfect for people with big hips, showing off curvy bums. Compared to the other styles, thongs look better when wet as they avoid the saggy look. This look is often seen in the larger styles, particularly classic bikinis. Just be aware that if you are thinking of wearing a thong bottom, in some cultures and environments they may be considered inappropriate or even illegal.



  • Those with big hips and bums
  • Avoiding tan lines when wearing underwear
  • Women who are proud of their bum and want to show it all off
  • Great for sporty activities

String/Tie Side

A bikini bottom described as a string or tie side has the front and back connected using a piece of “string”. Most modern pieces have “string” that is tied in place although the string can be continuous. A string or tie side bikini can be combined with any of the other styles mentioned in this article. As a result, whilst string bikini bottoms are typically more revealing than classic bikinis. The exact amount of coverage can vary from minimal to maximum coverage.  

String bikinis are easy to adjust and give a good fit but are probably best avoided if taking part in beach sports. This style is popular amongst those looking for a superior tan as the strings leave virtually no tan lines. String bikinis draw the eye towards the sides, great if you don’t want people looking at your bum. They are also particularly suitable for women who have large thighs as the sides can be tied at a height.  Tie Sides do not cut into your thighs drawing attention away from that area. Tying the string higher up also makes your legs look longer and (if you have large thighs) more proportionate.



  • Drawing attention towards the sides
  • Avoiding tan lines
  • Can be adjusted to fit almost anyone
  • Women with large thighs
  • Making your legs look longer

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